This site is dedicated to the effort towards finding the person(s) responsible for the shooting of Terry Nero that occurred on March 11, 2010 in Glen Allen, VA at 10:52pm.  We are asking for your help. 

Terry Nero, previous to the shooting, was involved in a court case trying to protect a family member from a criminal and that case produced evidence of atrocious criminal activity. That evidence was extremely destructive to individuals who were made aware of the evidence being presented in court while Terry Nero relied on the justice system to provide safety to his family. That safety did not occur.

This was a cold and calculated meticulously planned assassination attempt of a murder for hire on Terry Nero with a single rifle shot to the head by a sniper. This occurred from a stalker, lying in wait in his back yard, while shooting through a kitchen widow in the darkness of night as Nero's elderly mother stood talking to Nero and having to witness the gruesome destruction and almost certain death of her son.

Years after the shooting the Henrico Commonwealth Attorney, though the efforts of the Henrico and Hanover police, made an arrest, charged and convicted an individual in a totally unrelated case to the shooting in part based on the evidence Nero presented in the case he was involved in prior to the shooting.

Terry Nero has endured over six years of surgeries and procedures in excess of 20 to date to try and rebuild his body. Those surgeries have occurred at MCV VCU, St. Mary's and Johns Hopkins hospitals.

Astonishingly, no arrests have been made in the shooting case leaving many people speechless as to why,

There are those in the metropolitan Richmond community that know what happened but have until recently been unsure as to how to divulge what they know.  We are asking that you help by contributing anything you know, heard anyone say, think will be of value, saw or feel that could have an impact on this case especially if you wish to remain anonymous. If you know anything, by calling Crime Stoppers you may never be involved and may not be identified.

Terry Nero is quite comfortable talking to anyone about the case with emphasis on what he hopes to be a chapter of his life that will be closed someday soon with assurances the perpetrators will not be on the street ever again to hurt another human.

Crime Stoppers will take any information you have by calling 804-780-1000 or go to  This information can be given WITHOUT YOUR NAME. 

For all REWARDS go to Crime Stoppers

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